What is ICO Marketing?

The emergence of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) marks a new age of technology where digital tokens or coins are issued to raise capital for upcoming business ventures. Though a relatively new concept, the ICO market is highly robust, with more than 7 billion USD raised in 2018 alone. With the right marketing strategy, a successful bounty campaign can help raise the funds required to propel your project forward and potentially be exceptionally rewarding for early adopters.

Because ICO/STOs are comparatively recent, finding marketing firms that offer ICO/STO marketing services is not easy. ICO Bounty Marketing is equipped with the necessary experiences and tools to develop and execute an effective ICO marketing plan for you. We create personalized, tech-based campaigns that incorporate Social Media and PR Management, Community Management, Forums and Discussions, and more to create awareness and build interest for your token. At ICO Bounty Marketing, your bounty campaigns are optimized for your business and objectives to successfully convert and retain supporters for your ICO/STO.

Why Do ICO/STOs Need Bounty Marketing?

As the cryptocurrency market grows, more ICO/STOs are launched in the market; thus making it difficult or even impossible for an ICO/STO to stand out. This gives rise to the need for market experts like advertisers, marketing firms and affiliates in helping an ICO/STO distinguish itself from the crowd. To overcome this challenge, it is important for an ICO/STO to turn to bounty marketing firms and campaigns to gain attention and support. ICO Bounty Marketing can help you reach your ICO/STO goals.

Build Market Value (BMV) Department

New to ICO and STO?

New to ICO and STO? Our BMV team is here to help. The ICO Bounty Marketing BMV team consists of professionals from different fields including digital marketers, market analysts, blockchain engineers, financial experts and cryptocurrency specialists. Services includes:

We have strategic partnership with some of the biggest and most reliable companies in the world, that would connect you to international Payment gateway solutions like wire transfers, Swift, Visa and Master, Credit and debit cards, Alipay, WeChat Pay and even integrate with local banking transfer processing in six different countries:

  1. Singapore
  2. Malaysia
  3. Vietnam
  4. Thailand
  5. Indonesia
  6. China
  7. Philippines
Under the certification of Llyod’s of London, your process will be provided co-branding trust and insurance, for all your deposits and withdrawals.

Our marketing expert and advisors will help you create maximum demand for your ICO or STO, and help you build your market value so your project will have the best potential in the market.

Bounty Campaign Resources

To ensure our Bounty Campaigns deliver the most powerful results for your ICO/STO, we are always updated on current and trendy marketing tools. Our enthusiastic team understands the social media systems and the algorithms required to generate awareness and interest for your ICO/STO. Below are some resources we utilize for your ICO/STO success:

Our Services

The rise of blockchain and ICO have reshaped the industry landscape, and digital marketing tools have also evolved alongside it. Our team of industry experts at ICO Bounty Marketing are versatile and readily embrace old and new marketing tools to craft the optimal marketing strategy for your ICO/STO.

Forums and Discussion

Encouraging brand recognition and interest through popular and trusted forums.


Creative and target audience focused campaigns that are effective and result oriented.

Community Management

Rapport building for your brand and your community of early adopters and supporters.

Social Media and PR Marketing

Generating engaging content on social media that prompts shares, likes, and follows.

Content Marketing

Compelling content creation that converts interest into action.

Influencer Marketing

Direct access to targeted, bigger and more attentive audiences.

Bounty Campaigns

Personalized and strategic campaign planning and execution to grow brand awareness and support.

Why Choose Us?

Ours team have more than 50 years of expertise in Digital Marketing, Blockchain Technology, and Cryptocurrency Trading with Momentum Trading Strategies, our dedicated team at ICO Bounty Marketing is well prepared to lead you towards a successful ICO/STO. We are committed to ensure all due diligence are made on your project. We know that by thoroughly understanding you and your project, we are able to plan and customize the most effective and influential Bounty Campaign for your ICO/STO.

As early adopters of this technology ourselves, we saw the beginning of Bounty Marketing and followed its growth and evolution. We recognized the extraordinarily high ROI potential of ICO/STOs when combined with dynamic bounty marketing campaigns.

Over the years, we worked with numerous ICOs and witnessed the exponential token value appreciation, often generating from 3x to more than 10x returns. Some examples of other successful ICOs we witnessed include, EOS with 5x returns, IOTA with 700x returns, Spectrecoin with 206x returns, OmiseGo with 8x returns, Stratis with 150x returns, Augur with 36x returns, Lisk with 27x returns, ICON with 2.5x returns, Golem with 7x returns and more.

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